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In October 2015 N&K started an office for air freight in Norway, N&K Air Solutions. In the past years, the demand for export of fish from Norway to overseas markets has increased, both from Norway and Europe, in combination with road-trucking, where the need for express delivery to Gardermoen (Oslo Airport) and further on to the rest of Europe has risen sharply.

With an office which specializes in air freight we can ensure the quality of our logistics services to the Norwegian customers, and this also enables us to offer a One-Stop-Shop solution which combine road- and air freight.

We started with only logistics of cargo to and from Gardermoen, but the initial range has been extended very quickly to direct solutions which include cargo to and from both London and Amsterdam. We have close cooperation with exclusively selected partners in these cities to ensure our local presence.

At this moment, N&K Air Solutions has 3 dedicated duty staff experienced in air freight, who are available for our customers 24/7/365.

From January 2018 N&K expanded the access to solutions in regards of the Chinese market. We have a close cooperation with N&K China, which also has air freight specialist working from the office in Shanghai with main focus on air freight, both imports to and exports from china.

With the office in Shanghai, we are now able to offer tailor-made door-to-door solutions from Europe to the end-customer in China, and visa versa.

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