The story

N&K is a carrier company, founded in 1988 by Per Bonnichsen Jensen headquartered in Esbjerg, Denmark. Back at that time, the copmanys’ main focus was the transport of fish to the Nederland and fruit and vegetables from the Nederland.

Since then the company has expanded considerably and has grown from a small local carrier to be a family owned limited company with 10 subsidiaries in 6 countries, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Spain, and China.

In 2009, Martin Gade Gregersen moved as the group’s executive director, and at the same time, the former executive director Per Bonnichsen Jensen became the chairman of the board.

In 2017 N&K Spedition A/S merged with HSF Logistics A/S, a professional Dutch carrier company founded in 1903 by Antoon Federiks, and has so far permanent establishment in both Holland, Poland, England, Germany and Morocco.

As a result of the merger N&K/HSF group became Europe’s largest supplier and leading expert within the field of temperature-controlled transport of both refrigerated and frozen foods.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

N&K’s mission is to offer customers a logistics solution which is both convenient, complete, sustainable and last but not least, be an integral part of our clients’ daily operation. We strive constantly to develop and improve our solutions, so we are always ready to meet needs and face the challenges the future may bring.

N&K’s vision is to be a leading logistics supplier within the field of temperature-controlled logistics. We strive to be the ideal partner for our customers. We consider the changes of market conditions as opportunities for growth, as well as a chance to use our abilities to develop and produce innovative solutions to meet our customers’ future needs.

N&K’s core values are professionalism, efficiency, innovation, service-mindedness!