Spedition or forwarding is a freight service industry, including the commercial dissemination of transport, where the intermediary is referred to as forwarder.

N&K is a freight forwarding company, who helps the customers to move their goods and ensure that all relevant rules according to the transport is in order.

We offer efficient transport solutions which carry your goods quickly and safely from door to door, whether it is on road, sea, rail or via air.

Free movement of goods

The European Union is the world’s largest common market area, where people, goods, services and money can move freely. Currently, it accounts for 16.5% of the world’s total imports and exports, and thus constitutes the world’s largest trading partner. Both European and international consumers and investors can benefit from this simplified and liberal trade regime.

The intensive level of activities helps to develop the logistics industry, and vice versa; without a functioning logistics solution, it will not be possible to maximize the advantages the free movement regime.
N&K acts as agent for many large Nordic exporters. We provide logistics services to the largest slaughterhouse chain, Danish Crown Amba, and Sweden’s largest supermarket chain, ICA Ab.

We have a comprehensive capacity for handling of both refrigerated and frozen products, which enables us to consolidate the cargo and streamline the transport. Thanks to this we can provide extremely competitive prices and are able to handle any arising logistics needs.

N&K is transporting all types of goods – both food, suspended or on pallets, volume goods and nonfood.



As a customer of N&K you will get a wide range of advantages, which gives you security in the process of transport operation. We are not only handling all the paperwork, we also provide you the opportunity to check and monitor your transport process online, from door to door. Through the login provided by us, you will be able to monitor the temperature in the trailer, see the receipted bill of lading, check the time of delivery etc.

Our forwarders are available around 24/7, and we may at any time contact the truck which is carrying your goods.

Zone map


Zone map



With the aim of optimizing the service experience and reducing disputes between the partners concerned, we have integrated an online POD (Proof of Delivery) system which gives you as our customer the opportunity to get a special login and thus be able to, enter the system at any time to check when the goods have been delivered and see the corresponding consignment note, which is the proof of delivery.

POD system is not only an effective tool against disputes between relevant parties, but it can also simultaneously help to increase the driver’s accountability and facilitate any unnecessary workload in regard of paperwork and communication.


As a professional carrier company, we are constantly focusing on the matter of optimization, which not only applies to the operations and logistics, but also our back office, including the transmission of data and documents.

EDI – the abbreviation of Electronic Data Interchange – is an important point in N&K’s Environment Policy and have a big influence on the company’s daily operation. The concept implies that we exchange business documents with our partner electronically, which will result in a minimization of process time as well as reducing the risk of error and mishandling, when we all are working on a common information platform.

Online monitoring

As a customer of N&K you can get a login to our special satellite-based monitoring system, TrailerVagt, which enable you to follow the delivery process on your transport.

We offer online monitoring to more than 95% of all transportations. The system contains information about the truck and trailer specifications and history of respectively; speed, temperature, diesel level and door opening/closing.

The monitoring system enables you to identify potential problems and risks before they have serious consequences.

24/7 Duty Service

In case you have an urgent enquiry on a current transport, you can always get in touch with us – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our system of 24/7 duty service is structured so that you only need to call the forwarder, that you have already been in contact with, and in the event that the person is not on duty, you will be transferred right away to a person from the same department who is on duty and ready to help you.

With the duty service system, we are always available and thus ensure a rapid response time.