N&K Norway

In May 2007 N&K launched a new office in Oslo, Norway. We have through years experienced that the quantity of goods to Norway from southern Europe increased steadily, and the need to serve our Norwegian customers closely became bigger and bigger with time.

We started to recruit two forwarders for the Oslo office, and since they quite fast got a lot of export from Norway to the rest of Europe, we had to expand the original staff and establish an additional office, which is placed in Stryn.

Our trailers, which is affiliated with the department in Oslo, is specifically adapted to the Norwegian summer and winter conditions, and the trailers are, of course, all connected to our satellite-based monitoring system.

In 2011, we opened our office in Stryn and in this connection we have employed Thorvald Sæverhagen to run the daily operation. The office gives us a presence in the part of Norway, where a large proportion of our clients have their daily operation. With the office in Stryn we strengthen our position as a ‘one-stop-shop’ supplier throughout the whole country.

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