Recently, N&K Spedition has welcomed two new trainees. Mikkel Kikkenborg and Randi Hollænder started with their traineeships at the office in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Mikkel Kikkenborg
Mikkel combines his traineeship at N&K with his educational program at the International Business College (IBC). There he follows the program ‘Freight Forwarding and Shipping’. Of course, there is an international focus within the program. Mikkel will be doing a traineeship for 2 years, in which the first three months are meant to get used to the company. Later, he will also go to school to specify in various subjects which are relevant and to improve his knowledge. He can then adapt this knowledge to the traineeship. He will be partly active in the Import from Italy department, as well as the export to Italy and Germany department. After finishing the educational program, he will be able to work with national and international tasks in the field of mediation, service and file handling. It is of course all connected to the transport area.

Randi Hollænder
Randi will combine her traineeship at N&K with her educational program as well. The program is provided by the Rybners Gymnasium in Esbjerg, and the focus is fixed on administrative activities. Randi has followed another educational program in advance as a preface to her traineeship at N&K Spedition. Randi will also go to school during the traineeship to learn new things and get them in practice during the traineeship. Her activities will most of the time take place in the bookkeeping department. But besides that, she will be involved and gain experience within the company’s reception, freight forwarding, packaging and the hauliers department.